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The road to the tech sector is not always an obvious one. Definitely not if you ask Malin Nordqvist, UX Expert and Business Analyst Consultant at Sigma Technology Embedded Solutions. Her curiosity for technology and willingness to understand and help users led her to the tech world. We have asked Malin a few questions. 

Tell us about your way into the tech sector.

Well, it may sound strange, but my interest in technology came from frustration. I have been working in the healthcare and, specifically, maternity care sector since 1999.  The area that you wouldn’t associate directly with computers and technologies. However, since the technological revolution is redefining all sectors, there were a few IT systems that I had to work with daily. And I felt: “This can be done better.” I questioned the interface, its usability, and the systems integration. All of this made me think, “maybe I can improve this.” That’s when I decided to change my career and started my studies as a User Experience Designer at the University of Skövde.  


Why did you decide to pursue UX education?

I found it a perfect match for me. I enjoy interacting with people, creating a great experience, and working with technology. When you work with UX, you help design solutions that are usable and people-oriented. During my studies, I worked part-time on two different projects, as part of the IT department at the university designing and as a test leader for a research project on smart textiles where we worked with social robots. During these three years, I have fallen in love with UX and User Research. 


And then you decided to become a consultant?  

 I have been skeptical about becoming a consultant at first. I was unsure if being a consultant would mean safe employment, but today, I am very happy that I’ve agreed to that first interview with Sigma Technology. For me, being a consultant means feeling safe, free, and seen. I have regular meetings with my manager, who follow me in my project and asks me if I still feel inspired by what I do. Recently, I had a chance to join our yearly Summit where I could meet my colleagues all over Sweden. I still feel inspired by the great vibes and energy I experienced during that Summit. We were over 500 people meeting together for the first time, but even if I was new in the company, I instantly felt welcomed and part of a big family.  


 You are now working as a Business Analyst. Tell us more about it. 

As a Business Analyst, I help analyze systems and solutions that meet users’ needs. My assignment covers the engineering of a large logistics platform for one of the leading automotive brands. I listen to users’ needs and collect requirements that I later transform into GUI and share with the development team to ensure that the system gives the right experience. When new features are ready, I test them both technically and with end-users to make sure that they correspond to initial needs. 


What would you like to tell people who are considering working with UX? 

UX is not something that is just “nice to have”. More and more leading businesses understand that UX helps to both save money and time and is an essential part of product development. Superior product and user experience help brands create loyal customers, and this is very valuable. That’s why working with UX is a position of the future.  



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