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Skool Makes Technology Attractive for Girls in Hungary

Encouraging girls to choose technology as a possible career – this is the vision of the Skool project, the initiative started by the Technology in Education Foundation, Hungary, Budapest. We have gotten a chance to meet the co-founder of the project and CEO Szilvi Koleszár, and Péter Guzsaly, Unicorn Whisperer.

Women in Technology: interview with Linlin Zhang

Linlin Zhang, control system engineer at Sigma Technology, talks about engineering, knowledge, and dreams. Linlin also shares her advice to young women who consider engineering as their career.

Women in Technology: interview with Hend Kareem

Hend Kareem, development engineer at Sigma Technology, started studying computer engineering out of pure curiosity and zest to learn new things. Eventually, engineering became her hobby and her career. Now Hend shares how it feels to be a consultant, and what she has learned from following her dreams.