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Report from IoT 2020: Using Data to Reduce the Carbon Footprint

​The 10th International Conference on the ​Internet of Things (IoT 2020) gathered international researchers and IoT industry representatives sharing, discussing, and witnessing cutting-edge research in all development areas for the Internet of Things. As a tech-savvy company with deep IoT and Artificial Intelligence expertise, Sigma Technology joined the conference.

BOTI conference

BOTI 2018 Conference Focuses on Simplifying Technical Information

The BOTI 2018 Conference is a meeting place for leading businesses and organizations in the area of technical information. This year’s topics included technical information business, API documentation, analog, and digital worlds, and the future of information consumption – all with one common idea: to make the complex a bit simpler.

Smart Content Management for Real Estate. Sigma Notes from Incitdagarna

On October 17-18, Incit AB, our valued partner and client, celebrated their 50th anniversary by organizing the Incitdagarna (Incit Days) conference in Stockholm, Sweden. Johnny Fägersten, Unit Manager at Sigma Technology Solutions, gave a speech at the event.

Sigma Technology to Host OpenHack in Gothenburg

On October 6-8, 2017, about 150 developers will gather at the Sigma Technology office in Gothenburg for the OpenHack event to code and develop solutions for humanity.

Sigma Technology becomes the Intelligent Company 2016 in Hungary

This year is the third time that Mensa HungarIQa, the Hungarian branch of Mensa, the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world, organized the Intelligent Company of the Year competition. This year 22 companies have signed up, and a total of about 1000 employees have written Mensa’s standardized IQ test. According to the rules, […]