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Report from IoT 2020: Using Data to Reduce the Carbon Footprint

​The 10th International Conference on the ​Internet of Things (IoT 2020) gathered international researchers and IoT industry representatives sharing, discussing, and witnessing cutting-edge research in all development areas for the Internet of Things. As a tech-savvy company with deep IoT and Artificial Intelligence expertise, Sigma Technology joined the conference.

Sigma Signs New Cooperation Agreement within Traffic Management

Sigma Technology MID AB and Sensys Gatso Group AB have signed a new cooperation agreement regarding competence resources, competence development and project within software design and embedded systems. The agreement covers Sensys Gatso Group’s development sites in Sweden and Holland.

Sensys Gatso Group and Sigma Technology MID

Sigma Signs New Cooperation Agreement within Traffic Management

Bram Mulders, Head of Global Development, Sensys Gatso Group AB: “The agreement with Sigma gives us access to broader competence and increased flexibility, which enables us to deal more efficiently with fluctuations in our resource requirements, while at the same time we can work with Sigma to maintain and develop the competence we need for the […]