Sigma Technology secures new agreement with leading telecommunications company

Sigma Technology has secured a three year agreement with a world-leading developer in the telecommunications business in Karlskrona. The agreement is estimated to be worth approximately 45MSEK.

Sigma Technology will use its position as one of the world’s leading information logistics companies to deliver customer product information efficiently and with quality. The product documentation that is covered by the agreement will mostly be produced locally in Karlskrona, but will also be synchronized with elements delivered from China and Hungary.

“We have shown that vi have raised both the efficiency and quality of the documentation, and so reduced costs for our customer, which has led to us being entrusted with the task for a further three years” says Johan Edlund, Site Manager Sigma Technology, Karlskrona.

Johan continues: “Our strategy is that we shall be one of the leading suppliers in the world, and this agreement that we have signed secures Sigma Technology’ place as one of the leading suppliers of information logistics in the telecommunications business.”

The agreement comes into force on April 1, 2010. Sigma Technology foresee a need to recruit new employees during 2010.

For further information, contact:

Johan Edlund,

Site Manager Sigma Technology,


Telephone: +46 761 18 15 69;

email: johan.edlund@sigmatechnology.com