I have been interested in technology since my early childhood. Lucky for me since my generation is very tightly connected to modern technology, in other words we are linked in…
My grandma keeps on saying I used to ask her how they were able to get along without mobile phones. For example, how could they inform their friends about a small little delay from a meeting without mobile phones, without the possibility of sms or facebook, etc? How could one find an unknown destination without GPS?
(To tell you the truth I still do not understand it. :-))
Being a recruiter my daily routine is to meet people who are not only interested in the theory but also in the accomplishment of new technologies. It is always a pleasure to have a job-interview, sometimes it is also considered to be a significant technology, as well. I try to keep up with the newest programming languages.

In other words, technology is in the air.

It is especially true for the team of Sigma. It is a wake-up call every day to experience that my colleagues are able to put into practice those technical novelties, which are deemed to become valuable help for so many people in the near future.