If you Google for innovations that changed our way of life in the 20th century you will most probably end up in a technology centered innovation.

From television to the mobile phone, from electricity to credit cards technology continues to change our life, and most of us depend on the technology to function.

I am proud to say that without engineers the world would not be the same. The democracy in the world would not evolve and the globalization would not be possible.

Technology for me is the ability to change our lives to the better and enable us as humans to focus on developing and making the world a better place.
All rights reserved Being part of Sigma Technology I am able to work with world’s most innovative companies, products and technologies almost without any limits.
One day I am at a customer meeting in Stockholm, the next day I am discussing a possible project with our colleagues in Ukraine and Hungary. Technology will continue changing our lives and as consultants we are in the middle of that exciting future.