The day I nearly killed myself…
During a pilot training lesson I plunged my Cessna into a spinning motion, knowing exactly how to get out of the situation. I pushed the throttle in and tried to pull the aircraft up, but I panicked as the ground got closer and closer.
I quickly lost half the altitude and understood that I would die in just a few seconds. I screamed – “Noooooo!”
My subconsciousness forced my arms forward. The airflow around the wings went smoother and the aircraft stabilized. I pulled it up, and breathed out. Aircraft is incredibly stable when handling them correctly.

The rules of technology work when the human factor lacks and that saved my life that day.

I think technology is about making life easier, to learn about what was before us and what is around us.
It’s also about communication and that’s why I think Sigma Technology will give me the opportunity to meet great colleagues, few enough to create team spirit, but still many enough for me to learn everything I could need.
And of course, with the presence of technology, it’s just my own limitations that determine how much I can imbibe.