In the spring of 2007 I embarked on a journey to South Africa for a Star for Life project initiated by Sigma. This was a pilot project with the purpose of donating used computers to five schools, installing them on-site and educating the teachers in basic computer science.

This was of course a very interesting mission with many challenges quite unlike what we’re used to in Sweden, anything from lack of electricity to rhinos blocking the road.

It was great to work with these wonderful people and see their truly grateful reaction to our project. Technology for me is first of all about making everyday tasks easier such as better communication or faster ways to find information and in the end you find new uses for the technology that you never would have thought of before you had it.
image-2-sigma technology-africa

The South Africa project was one of my best experiences with Sigma because it gave me the opportunity to provide new technology to the schools and to give the chance to the people to discover the possibilities of modern IT.