The slogan of this campaign is: “We are technology”. I think it is more true than we could think of it at first sight. It is not ‘just’ a simple ‘marketing trick’, it is much more from my point of view. It sounds strange, but let me start with a sharp statement: Technology gives you physical framework.


How? Beg your pardon, Gabor, please. Well, technology delivers power, water, food, communication, transport, heat, accommodation, health care, etc. Easy to see that this kind of engineering stuff gives effortless, easy physical life to us.

We are part of it, we design, operate, maintain it, we are the purpose of it, we are technology itself.

The technology delivers your everyday needs, technology keeps our system on; of course, technology could be a purposeless framework without us. We, engineers, people fill it with life.

Technology is just an empty framework without our consciousness

Before this technophil script overwhelms everything, let us find the balance, as technology tries to redefine itself as green-technology, as connected-society etc. Here at Sigma I feel that we try to redefine-rewrite the technology with our wise usability.

Technology is just an empty framework without our consciousness, we deliver the canvas for it and paint our vision of our future on it.