TechGiant Store X. Paradise to a geek like me, considering technology being truly about life enhancement and pure joy. Entering. Salesman, working up steam while approaching. Red slipover, smile a tad arrogant. Resembles a bullfinch ruffling its feathers. “Well, hellooo there little missy! Can I help?” “Actually, yes. I need a new laptop and would like your opinion on the best buy…” I don’t get to finish. He is already leading the way to a device further down the aisle. “I think this one would be great for you.”

I look. The first noticeable thing about this laptop? It’s pink.

I can’t help it. I bombard him with difficult technical questions, just to make him feel as ignorant as he assumed me to be. Faster than you can say “prejudice”, he grumbles and walks away, face as pink as the laptop he considered being the obvious choice for me. I smirk like Maleficent and take my business elsewhere.


What I like most about Sigma Technology is that a scenario like the one above could never take place. Unlike the many sad examples out there, equality at Sigma is for real – and on the right side of this millennium.