Technology: Beauty or Monster?
Do you still remember the mobile phones you possess for these years? From the first generation to the current four generation, I have almost a dozen of phones in the past ten years. The development of the communication terminal device is just an epitome of the modern technology’s revolution.
Have you ever thought about our changing attitude towards the technology these years? Interesting thing is this process is quite similar to the process of chasing a beauty.

sheng-apple-1First date with technology
– Unbelievable and full of fear!
Apple is not that apple, bug is not that bug.

First hug with technology
– Satisfied but expensive
I never have such an amazing experience, but really lots of bills to pay.

Photo taken from Flickr Get used to the technology life
– Cozy and innovative
Splendid life full of smart devices.

Being controlled by technology
– Cannot live without it, but become unhappy
Uncomfortable if you do not check your mobile phone for 5 minutes.
photo taken from flickr
Heart to heart communication can never be replaced by any technology.
Do not let the beauty change to a monster!

Technology has already been an essential part of the Sigma Technology’s body.

The updated website, increased international bandwidth, upgraded computer server, advanced documentation processing skills, and strong development team…. But there is still a long way to go, nothing can stop us on the way of pursing:

– Intelligent document factory
– Amazing user experience
– Seamless interaction between the documentation and customer