Technology carries our memory and is shaping and enriching our life…

“Study hard, or you won’t become a scientist.” Growing up with these words, I considered science & technology great.
Enchanted by Chemistry and Physics experiments at high school, I considered science & technology amazing.
The first time I received news from Daddy via telegram, I was grateful to technology.
The first time I used telephone, I was so excited!
The first time I sent an email and got a reply in a minute, I was deeply impressed.
The first time I saw a distant friend on the Internet, I considered technology funny and unbelievable.
The first time I did some shopping on the Internet, I was anxious about technology.
The first time I translated a user guide, I found my value in communication of technology.
The first time I knew Sigma Technology, I felt attached to a group passionate about technology.
The first time I wrote a new TPD and got encouragement, I found my new value here at Sigma Technology.
The first time my 1-year-old son unlocked my iPod Touch, I knew that technology was starting to affect the next generation.
Technology to us is like my son’s first drawing to him: meaningful and valuable.