Technology is as simple as it is.

Last month I assembled two IKEA wash basin cabinets with my husband based on IKEA’s text-free manual. The outcome of the six-hour installation is not just the two new cabinets, but also a long summary on the usability of the manual as well as suggestions to IKEA on how to escalate the consumer’s satisfaction.

The whole process is like taking an experiment with the installation guide. My partner was not aware that I was “observing” his behavior and anxiety level all the time. I even interviewed him after the installation to verify my observations.

After the whole thing, I realize that working as a technical writer has changed my perspective about my life. Whenever it is possible, you cannot help thinking about a better way of communication. Luckily, working at Sigma makes me believe that I’m doing the right thing with a good reason.

Technology is as simple as it is. To me, it is the power to make life easier. What we do as a life career is nothing but the continuous pursuit of easy life through communication.