So, I am into running. Those who like running know why, but those who don’t tend to, ask: “Why running?” My immediate answer is: “Because it is so simple. All you need is a pair of shoes.”

katalin-pic-2This is of course true… but I have to admit that the more kilometers I run, the more I make use of technology in doing this all so simple hobby of mine. It all started with a simple sport watch, then soon an MP3 player followed. As a next step, I started to use my phone to monitor my speed and the distance covered. Now, we cannot imagine a race without making use of the GPS signals of my phone, which allow my family to track where I am and where they can support me.

?and it all does not stop there.

At Sigma Technology we often find ourselves involved in some sort of sports competition, which means that when the training or race is over, we run to our computers to enter the values in various tables that we use for tracking the achievements of the teams.

I still say that for running all you need is a pair of shoes, but I have to admit that technology and the competitions that we have at Sigma help you staying on track when your motivation gets low.