When I start to think about the past five years of working inside Sigma Technology, there were many exciting moments or stories, but one thing is more important than everything else such like winning a project or beat our competitors. It is my first-second feeling when I knew our company slogan of “making technology useable”. At that moment, I realized that what I am doing could be really great. It is far from just a job, it is an important mission to help the human being to develop the whole civilization. That is why I love Sigma Technology!

There are always new technologies that are invented and developed, but not always all the good technologies were used in the right way, it might make people’s life worse or even kills their lives if they don’t know how to use it.

25 days ago (on 06, Nov 2014), one accident happened in Beijing and one lady was clamped to dead by the door of metro. After some investigation about the automatic door (with the help from several experts in this area) and the related technologies, I understand that this accident should be avoided if people know the technologies and the strict safety rules related. People should know that things will happen again if the government or everybody ignore the safety issues.
So I started to prepare a document to describe the details and hopefully help people to understand that putting a laser detector can simply avoid this, but the government haven’t added this as one mandatory part for just saving the money.

Similar accident already happened in SH a few years ago. I believe I have to do something about it, and then my stories with technologies will continue till we all get a better life when we really make technology usable.