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Why did you decide to work in the tech industry?

I’ve always been interested in technical products and curious about how technical products work. That I ended up as an engineer was partly a coincidence. While choosing the university and what to study, I searched everything between pilot, engineer, and veterinary. My final decision was to work in tech because it’s a wide work area. One can work in areas from project management and more people-focused areas, security and product requirements, or more development and programmatic. The industries also vary where telecommunications and automotive are just two examples. So, in short, it was the opportunity for different combinations with an interest in technology that made me choose to work in tech.

How can you describe your current role? What’s your responsibility area?

I’m currently working as a software developer. We work a lot with tools like Python, Spinnaker, Jenkins, and Kubernetes cluster. My role in the team is both a software developer and I’m responsible for the security questions related to our team’s development.

What career plans do you have for the future, and how do you see your further professional development?

I recently graduated, and this is my first assignment. So now the goal is to gather as much knowledge as possible and get a broad knowledge base to take a more overall role in a project focusing on a holistic perspective in the future. It would be a fun experience to try out some kind of project manager role or a Design architect role.

What can you advise for women just entering the tech?

I would advise all women entering tech to stand up for themselves and speak up. Believe in yourself, and don’t let doubts affect your work. As women, we tend to count ourselves out quickly. Be confident in your abilities. Learn how to take negative feedback and never stop learning.



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