Meet a Mentor: Axel Westerling

“I felt that I can be an example that adult life can sort out after all. There is no right or wrong way, but the mentorship program is on your mentee’s terms. You can be an insightful friend or just someone who is there and listens.”  Axel Westerling works as a UX Designer at Sigma […]

How can technologies address criminal justice needs?

We live in times when “intelligent machines” are not an element of science fiction, but a reality that surrounds us. AI/ML technologies are altering the way we exist, making our lives easier, rooting to our phones, cars, finances, and education, to name a few. Criminal justice is one of the fields where artificial intelligence is […]

Data engineering for the green energy industry – Radha Duraisamy shares her experience

  Radha Duraisamy has been working in Information Technology for 15 years, and now she is a data engineer at an incredible assignment within the renewable energy industry. Today, we talked with Radha about her role at DNV Norway and her data engineering experience at the current assignment.   Tell us about yourself and your […]

Research work and the SPIE conference – Aniko Simon shares her thoughts and impressions

Today within our #insidesigmatechnology interviews, we talk with Aniko Simon, technical writer at Sigma Technology Hungary. Aniko shared her impressions regarding the SPIE conference in Orlando she recently participated in and told us more about her research on documentation and the related end-user behavior.   Tell us about yourself. What is your professional background?  I am […]

It is all about bringing engagement to your product

Meet Carl Axel Tollin, a game developer at Sigma Technology Systems. Today we talked with Carl Axel about gamification, AR&VR opportunities, and trends within the gaming industry. Can you tell us about who you are and what you do?  My name is Carl Axel Tollin, and I am 31 years old. I work at Sigma […]

Why you should consider using the gamification tool-box

Meet Jonas Falkenström, backend and game developer at Sigma Technology Systems. Today we talked with Jonas about trends and potential within the gaming industry. Could you tell us about who Jonas is and what you do? So, I’m primarily a backend developer at Sigma Technology. I have worked with gaming at several different companies, among […]