Sigma Technology Group extends its Partner Network with the work on your terms concept

Sigma Technology Partner Network launches a new Work on Your Terms concept that gives all partners the flexibility and exclusive access to short- and long-term assignments, events, and activities. The partner network today has over 400 active members and 2,000 followers in Sweden and abroad.

Sigma Technology Group grows in Mälardalen and aims to hire 50 consultants

Sigma Technology expands further in Mälardalen and Eskilstuna to provide professional IT services to local technology companies and existing customers. In particular, two companies within Sigma Technology Group, led by Richard Gustafsson, plan to expand the team with at least 50 developers and consultants. Elena Hallin is responsible for establishing a team and strengthening Sigma's brand.

Sigma Technology Group expands in Trollhättan and features Malin Andersson as a site manager

Sigma Technology Information expands further and launches an office in Trollhättan. Malin Anderssonwill will be a site manager responsible for developing partnerships with new and existing customers, recruitment, and people management. The company offers a flexible workplace and aims to attract candidates of all seniority levels within many of the tech areas present in Trollhättan.

Unique new platform matches Ukrainian refugees with Swedes who wish host them.

Millions of Ukrainians are fleeing the horrors of war and tens of thousands are seeking refuge in Sweden. Many of them need a more personal place to stay until the war is over – instead of living in large, often isolated refugee quarters.


How can the Ukrainian digitalization journey continue during the war and how can Swedish companies and individuals help both people staying in Ukraine and the ones moving to Sweden? Those were some of the questions discussed during WiTech’s Tech Talk hosted by Sigma Technology in Växjö on March 30. Over 40 participants from local companies, academia, and the public sector attended the event.

Meet us at the SPIE conference in Orlando: Anikó Simon talks about documentation-related user behaviour

The SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing conference will be held 3-6 April in Orlando, Florida, where Anikó Simon, technical communication expert at Sigma Technology, will be giving a presentation about delivering the specifications of smart wearable devices.