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Young Talent

Your Gateway to Professional Growth, Mentorship, and Success in Norrland's Thriving Industries.

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About the Young Talent Program

Sigma Technology North Solutions

Over 7,000 students choose to move from Umeå each year, and there is a significant need for skilled professionals. Norrland needs expertise, as development is progressing too quickly relative to the available competencies. Companies are demanding many years of experience, which leaves our recent graduates in Umeå out. We want to change this. So, the ‘young talent’ program is a strategy that secures our future for the companies and our new talents. We take the risk and make the investments that create job opportunities now and moving forward.

In collaboration with various companies in Norrland, Sigma Technology North Solutions has created a customized program offering young talents an opportunity to get introduced to working life and access further education and mentorship during the young talent program. This is an opportunity for companies and young talents to create the perfect match for long-term recruitment. In addition to the opportunity to work at a large workplace with the latest technology, our talents also have access to mentorship with a senior developer, and our program includes further education and, of course, benefits.



Explore, Learn, Thrive with Sigma Technology North Solutions

Hands-On Experience

Immerse yourself in real-world projects, gaining practical experience beyond the classroom. Explore your chosen field and build a strong foundation for future success.

Personalized Learning

Tailored learning paths, workshops, and cutting-edge resources await you. Stay ahead in your career with a dynamic environment that nurtures your unique talents.

Expert Mentorship

Thrive under the guidance of experienced mentors dedicated to shaping future leaders. Benefit from one-on-one interactions, industry insights, and constructive feedback for excellence in your chosen career path.


Insurance Package

Benefits such as various bonuses, wellness allowance, massage, phone, after-work events, kick-offs, and international summits (Greece, Spain).

Partner Journey

Secure your professional future with our commitment to providing a safe and supportive employment environment.

Business Groups
Personal Development plan

Empower your growth with a personalized development plan, crafted to harness your strengths, refine your skills, and guide you towards achieving your professional goals.

Gigs at big clients

Work at famous industry brands, shaping your career through meaningful experiences and valuable connections.

Young Talent Accelerated Program

  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
  • Part 4
  • Part 5

In this phase of the Young Talents program, participants dive into advanced programming concepts, including algorithms and data structures. They develop coding proficiency through hands-on exercises and collaborative projects. The curriculum also emphasizes specialized web development skills, focusing on the latest technologies.


During this phase, participants delve into database management, learning essential concepts such as database design and optimization. They gain hands-on experience through practical exercises and collaborative projects. Additionally, they learn DevOps and deployment, emphasizing the latest practices and tools for efficient software development and deployment processes.


Participants focus on cybersecurity awareness, gaining insights into fundamental concepts and best practices to safeguard digital assets. Practical exercises and collaborative projects enhance their understanding of cybersecurity principles. Simultaneously, the curriculum includes project development, where students acquire skills in crafting sophisticated projects, honing their abilities to tackle complex challenges.


Participants engage with industry best practices, immersing themselves in the latest standards and methodologies essential for success in the professional arena. They apply these practices to real-world scenarios through exercises and collaborative projects, ensuring a practical understanding of industry standards. Concurrently, the curriculum focuses on soft skills and career development, equipping participants with the interpersonal and professional skills necessary for a thriving career.


In the concluding phase of the Young Talents program, participants culminate their learning journey with final projects and showcases. Here, they present their projects, receiving valuable feedback from peers and mentors. The program concludes with a graduation ceremony, where participants are recognized for their achievements and receive certificates, marking the successful completion of the program.

A Value for businesses

Expert Onboarding

We handle onboarding and provide continuous education, ensuring seamless integration of talents into your projects with necessary skills.

Flexible Engagement

Choose to hire talents directly or continue setup with our consultants at a reduced rate for a flexible and budget-friendly approach.

Community Impact

Contribute to new job opportunities in the local community by partnering with Young Talents, making a positive impact on professional growth.

Sustainable investment

Explore our “Try and Offer to Hire” model, enabling clients to assess talent with zero risk before making a commitment.


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