Flat Organization and Technology That Stands Out. Interview with Johan Ericsson and Sandra Nilsson

Johan and Sandra

Sigma Technology builds information solutions with the purpose of making the use of complex products and systems simpler. In addition to providing smart information solutions, they always strive to give their employees the best possible conditions for development and performance.

Johan Ericsson and Sandra Nilsson work as information engineers at the Växjö office of the information management company Sigma Technology. The role means producing smart information solutions for technical products, which can mean working both with the manufacturing industry and software development companies. All with the ultimate aim of simplifying the use of the systems for the client’s customers and end users.

Johan Ericsson started working at Sigma Technology six years ago. He’s had previous experience of the business, and he was impressed by the big development opportunities offered at Sigma.

– The quick decision making, the openness concerning new ideas, and ultimately the opportunity to take part all the way in a process starting with your own idea is incredibly educational. To gain insights in the entire production chain from idea to realization, in particular, has broadened my competence, says Johan.

It feels good to put the focus on the human being.

– In addition to this, we have competence development before and during the assignment for each customer you are going to work with; the mix of practical and theoretical learning complement each other well. The job at Sigma Technology is Sandra Nilsson’s first job after completing her university studies. Project work and an internship at the company led to a period of temporary employment, which in turn resulted in her being permanently employed. Sandra soon noticed what an open and hierarchy-free workplace she had come to.

– When I came here as a student, I could talk with both my equals and the top managers in a relaxed way from day one. Everyone is treated the same, and Sigma is characterized by a very easygoing atmosphere. If there are any issues here then everyone takes the time to help each other as a matter of course. The flat organization really extinguishes the company and its values.

Sigma Technology has a very broad customer base. The company’s services and systems can be applied to businesses from software development to the defense and gaming industries. And everything in between. This gives Johan, Sandra, and their colleagues the opportunity to experience many kinds of business without leaving the company.

– This opportunity to work with and experience very different assignments from one day to the other, in particular, is something that I like. The days when you feel bored at work hardly exist, which is a great luxury, says Johan and Sandra adds:

– This combined with having a focus on the users of what you produce is fun. To gain an overall perspective and see that what I have done has helped and led to something good is really rewarding. It feels good to put the focus on the human being.


title: Information engineer, project coordinator & account manager.
education: Electrical engineering, Uppsala University, 2003.
how do you spread joy at work: I try to find the time to talk to my colleagues, I think there is a lot to gain in doing this.

title: Information engineer.
education: Informatics majoring in information logistics, Linnaeus University, 2013.
how do you spread joy at work: I’m generally speaking a happy person. I make the effort to greet everyone when I come to the office in the morning.

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