Good Team Spirit and Responsive Managers. Interview with Martin Larsson and Rahwa Bahta


Are you proficient in IT and good at working with others and solving problems? Then Sigma Technology could be the employer for you. The consultancy company is a world leader within information logistics and offers a variety of jobs with technology at the forefront.

Technical information, information solutions, and embedded systems are areas that employees at Sigma Technology are experts in. Two of the company’s talents are Martin Larsson and Rahwa Bahta. Both went straight from their IT education to the company’s office in Gothenburg.

What attracted you to Sigma Technology?

Martin: – I heard about the company through friends, just over a year ago. When I got to come for an interview, I felt right away that the comfortable and open atmosphere suited me. At Sigma Technology, we are consultants working in project groups, so social competence is highly valued. You have to be able to work together and solve problems.

Rahwa:– I was employed in June, after having finished my thesis on agile SW development methodology within the company. Consultancy is varied and challenging, and that attracted me. And, like Martin, I think it is a great advantage that team spirit is strong with us. Everyone is positive, open, and helpful.

What are you working with today?

Martin: – I’m working on a project that will run for a few years at one of our larger customers. The customer works within the automotive industry and my work area is based around the vehicle dashboard. Simply put, I review that we have received the SW we ordered.

Rahwa: – Since I’m so new here, I haven’t started to work on a large project yet, but I have worked as a system analyst and business analyst for six weeks at one of our larger customers. I have even worked as a student ambassador and informed university students about our business. At the moment, I am updating and improving our website.

What are you really good at in your company?

Martin: – We are a global and world leading company within information logistics and we have high customer satisfaction. I believe this is because we who work here are always interested and committed in what we do. We always strive to deliver a little more than what the customer has ordered. Also, the company sees its employees as its greatest asset. The managers are attentive to what you want to work with and are proficient in. In this way, the company gets the most benefit from you and you have the most fun at work.

Rahwa: – With ambition, commitment, and knowledge, one can take on technically challenging projects both abroad and in Sweden. We have offices in other countries, such as, Hungary, Finland, Ukraine, and China.

What inspires you to go to work?

Rahwa: – The feeling of solving problems is a big motivator for me and I get such challenges every day. Furthermore, I feel that I have the company behind me – that they really believe in me. That makes it fun to go to work.

Martin: – I have always had high expectations on my surroundings, which means that I have even higher expectations on myself. New challenges always pop up at work and it feels like you are developing every day. I feel that Sigma Technology want me to enjoy and develop at work, which inspires me to always do my best.


title: Consultant, SW coordination
education: Mechatronics engineers, Chalmers, Gothenburg, 2011
what I wish I had known as a student: Those that were in the year above you at university will have been working for a year when you start to look for jobs. Take advantage of those contacts! It can provide a fantastic opportunity.ong>first j

title: Consultant, software engineering and management
education: Software engineering and management, IT University, Gothenburg, 2012
first job after university: Current
what I wish I had known as a student: Sure, the actual knowledge you learn at university is important but you gain more if you are social, have good interpersonal skills, and are good at solving problems.

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