International Environment and Fast Growth. Interview with Terés Lundquist and Hamza Gilani

terese and hamsa sigma technology

For the information engineers at Sigma Technology, the tasks share some aspects with detective work; Terés Lundquist and Hamza Gilani convert short and complex information into complete documents that are easy to read.

The entire area gives off a spirit of progress. Over at Lindholmspiren in Gothenburg, innovative companies, the IT University, and film studios have gathered. Sigma Technology, a consultancy company that works with product information, software design, and embedded design, is strategically located here. Terés Lundquist and Hamza Gilani work as information engineers at the company; and they produce, write, and edit documents.

– There is a special atmosphere at the office. People from several different countries work here; and that creates a dynamic environment. And we’re also a company that grows quickly, says Hamza.

The core of the business within product information is to create information that accompanies complex products. Hamza and Terés both work closely with Ericsson, which is conveniently located in the building next door. Much of the work consists of problem solving. Being able to understand the challenge that the customers have, and to create a solution for it. When the customers sell their product, Sigma Technology delivers the related product information.

– We often begin by sitting down with an engineer who describes the product in technical terms, while we are taking notes and asking questions. Our challenge is to make their technical language accessible so that those who buy and use the product can understand, says Hamza.

The customers are often global customers with strict demands on precision and quality of the delivery. One day in the office can be very different from the next; during delivery periods, you have to be on your toes, flexible, and prepared to work a lot. The great challenge lies in finding the balance between days like that and the calmer days.

– You have to create a good relationship with the customer. We take initiatives and drive our projects forward, but at the same time we have to be flexible so that our customer gets enough time to give good input, says Terés.

There are big opportunities to develop at Sigma Technology, and you can choose the career path that you find interesting.

– Our managers make a point of having a dialog with us rather than just telling us what to do, and they are always happy to have a chat and a cup of coffee to hear how things are going. They are always open to discussions about ideas for solving problems or implementing improvements, says Terés.

Terés and Hamza’s managers encourage the employees to take individual initiatives and to step forward if they want to try working in other units within the company, for example, with sales or marketing. There are also good career opportunities as coordinators or project managers. And, speaking of managers listening to the employees, the sales department was originally an idea from an employee, an idea that management picked up.

– It’s not all about work, and one of the reasons I like it here is the openness and the honesty among the colleagues. We have created a good atmosphere, and the company is generous with benefits, such as breakfasts, dinners, and trips abroad. They also pay for the gym and organize health activities like floorball, which is something I really like as it is similar to field hockey, which is huge in Pakistan, says Hamza.


title: Information engineer.
education: Engineering degree in Media Technology, Luleå University of Technology, 2008.
favorite destination: Japan. I have lived there previously, and I liked it so much that I try to go back there as often as possible.

title: Information engineer.
education: IT Management & Business Development, Jönköping University, 2010.
favorite destination: South Africa. I lived there for a while and I really like the people and the climate.

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