Interview with Cris Amodia, Electronics Engineer

Cris Amodia Sigma

Cris Amodia came to Sweden from the Philippines just a few days ago. During his career path, he has been working a lot in the automotive industry and now he aspires to use his knowledge in achieving new success stories, now as Sigma Technology consultant in Sweden.

Hi, Cris, and welcome to the team! Could you tell us about your background?

Hi! I have just started working here last Monday, August 8, 2016. I am an Electronics Engineer from the Philippines, For over five years, I’ve been working in automobile industry particularly in designing wiring harness system as a Design Engineer. I’ve also been working in electronics manufacturing industry for two years and 18 months in IT industry.


How does it feel after first days at Sigma Technology?

On my first day at Sigma Technology I felt nervous and excited, but upon my arrival, I was overwhelmed with the warm welcome I received from my colleagues. It makes me feel better, feel at home. I enjoy working in a friendly environment with very supportive colleagues and managers so I’m looking forward to working with the team.

Can you tell us about your work goals? What would you like to achieve during your upcoming assignments?

It’s my goal to gain in-depth knowledge of every aspect of this industry, establish a sustainable career and to develop leadership skills that would help others reach their top potentials in the future.

We thank Cris a lot for his time and wish him good luck with the new project!