Interview with Niklas Börjesson, Sigma Technology COO

niklas borjesson-sigma technology

Sigma Technology delivers its consulting services to world leading technology companies. The COO Niklas Börjesson explains how innovation flourishes when new opportunities appear: “We translate innovation into business values for our customers”.

We at Sigma Technology are specialists within Product Information, Embedded Solutions, and Offshore development. Our range of customers covers the spectrum from global telecoms giants to forestry businesses. Niklas Börjesson started out as a consultant but he has developed together with the company and today he is COO.

Tell us about your journey

I have worked intensively with our businesses in Sweden as well as our global development, particularly with our companies in China and Hungary. It has been – and still is – a very exciting journey. During my time with the company, we have grown from a Gothenburg-based company to a global company.

How did you succeed in expanding so forcefully?

We focus on continuous improvements and on maintaining a very high quality level on our Managed Service deliveries to our customers. We have made a conscious decision to work with innovation in our assignments, something that has led to both patent applications and more efficient work processes. This, in turn, leads to both cost reductions and new business opportunities for our customers. Our innovation is triggered by our customers’ needs, and we must continuously ask ourselves questions about where technology, and the progress of society, is leading us. We see it as our part to translate innovation into business values for our customers – and this gives us a competitive advantage!

How do you work with innovation?

At Sigma Technology, there is always room for forward thinking; stemming from the needs of the market. Some of our concepts that are our cornerstones today did not exist on the market five years ago. We cooperate with several universities in Europe and Asia, which gives us the opportunity to quickly develop new ideas into completed solutions. Several of the projects have received external funding, as an example, together with a number of universities, we manage an EU-funded project with the aim of strengthening innovation and entrepreneurship. We also hold Innovation Days. The latest one took place in Hungary where businesses, ministries, and several ambassadors participated. We involve all employees in our innovation work and have succeeded in creating a positive effect where the employees want to develop and that develops the company.


title: COO
education: Graduate engineer, electrical engineering, Chalmers, 1995.
my best career mistake: In one of my first assignments as a consultant, we severely underestimated the time to complete the assignment. I personally had to explain to the customer why this had happened and what we needed to do. This made me realize the importance of basing your planning on facts, and that I have a skill for complicated dialogs. This is something that has been very useful for me since then.

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