Exciting Assignments: Interview with Ellen Blomqvist and Mikael Kjellsson

Ellen Blomqvist Mikael Kjellsson

Ellen Blomqvist and Mikael Kjellsson both agree on one thing – life as a consultant is full of variety and challenges. At Sigma they get to work with the latest innovative IT and tech projects.

Information engineer Ellen Blomqvist joined Sigma Technology just over a year ago. Software developer Mikael Kjellsson has been with Sigma Technology from the day they set up business in Växjö in 2002. Neither of them can imagine a different career path from the one they have chosen.
– As a consultant, I have to be dynamic and flexible. I grow with each assignment as I get to work with exciting and cutting-edge projects, says Ellen.


What’s your role at work?

Ellen: My title is Information engineer. I currently work as a technical writer at IKEA, where I compile requirement specifications for suppliers to IKEA. The Product development specialist provides requirements. I process and organize this information to make it easy to understand.

Mikael: I am a software developer. Contrary to Ellen, who works on a longer assignment, I have multiple projects running at the same time. I visit clients all over Sweden but rarely stay more than half a day at each client.


What made you choose Sigma?

Ellen: Even before I started working for Sigma, I got the feeling that Sigma is a company that really invests in its co-workers. Our managers do not just want us to carry out our assignments, but also emphasize that we need to develop on a personal and professional level. I also appreciate that Sigma works towards equal opportunities for women and men. The recruiters are working actively to attract women to Sigma and their efforts have paid off – in my Sigma branch almost half of the employees are women.

Mikael: When managers from my previous employer set up the Sigma branch in Växjö 15 years ago, I wanted to continue working with them. The reason I’ve stayed for such a long time is that I get to do things my way. I have all the freedom I could ask for but it comes with a certain level of responsibility.


What do you like the most about your job?

Mikael: When my clients realize that my software will save them hours and hours of work every day, and I can see a smile on their faces it really makes my day. Most of my job is about automation on site to make everyday life easier for my clients.

Ellen: I enjoy making information easily accessible and easy to understand. But it’s not all about the text – it’s as much about choosing suitable publication platforms and processes.


Why Sigma Technology?

Mikael: At Sigma Technology, everything is long-term – be it us, co-workers, and our need for a good balance in life or building a long-term relationship with our clients based on trust.
Ellen: Sigma Technology is a company with high ambitions when it comes to developing the IT solutions of the future. The atmosphere at Sigma is awesome, and so many competent and creative people work here.

Text: Sara Schedin
Photo: Sara Magnusson

About Ellen Blomqvist

Title: Information engineer.
Education: Information logistics, graduated from Linnaeus University in 2016.
Favorite place in the world? “I studied in San Francisco for six months and fell in love with the place. It’s such a beautiful and creative city.”

About Mikael Kjellsson

Title: Software developer.
Education: Engineer, graduated from Lund University of Technology in 1993.
Favorite place in the world? “My wife and I lived in Lund for 10 years and liked it very much. In Lund, you can be yourself.”

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