Interview with Sandra Siby and Jan Urbanek

Sandra and Jan

Sandra Siby and Jan Urbanek are both in agreement that Sigma Technology isn’t like all the other consultancies, here they always get support, opportunities to grow and feel like they’re part of a family. Sandra Siby and Jan Urbanek are employed by Sigma Technology and work as consultants at the company’s big automotive client. They appreciate that Sigma can offer long and varied assignments.

What drew you to Sigma Technology?

Sandra: – I was headhunted here. Already during the interview. I sensed that Sigma had a friendly climate. It felt like I had come to a family and it was clear that they cared about their employees. Besides that, I saw that there were real opportunities to develop as a consultant because Sigma could offer so many different types of assignments.

Jan: – I agree with Sandra, there are really great opportunities here. Both sides win when you have an assignment where you develop. I felt right away when I came here that I could be myself and my strengths would decide what role I would get and how I developed.

What do you find the most fun at your job?

Sandra: – Variation. I never know what I’ll be doing when I go to work in the morning. There’s always something new happening and I never get bored. In my assignment at our client I’m part of the entire project lifecycle from initial planning to finished product.

Jan: – The most fun thing about my job is that it’s always moving forward. What I do today influences my work tomorrow. For example, my last job led me to creating a new level of cooperation with the client in China, where I’ll be in Quality Control. That cooperation wasn’t there before. My work assignments change all the time.

What makes you really proud about your employer?

Jan: – I’m proud about how we respect each other. It’s open and inclusive, everyone has respect for each other and who we are. I’m also proud that we work in a place that’s so open and honest with their employees. You can be part of the decisions that affect you – that’s something that I’ve never been a part of in other companies.

Sandra: – That’s my experience too. If I’ve had any problems, I’ve gotten help from my manager. You can dare to stand up for your ideas here even if there’s some conflict. Sigma takes care of their employees by offering help and support. If you need to talk to even your highest boss, they will always find the time.

What makes Sigma an exciting employer?

Sandra: – Part of it is that our assignments can be such great opportunities. But Sigma also arranges fun activities outside of work hours. If you’re at a client location every day, it’s easy to feel a little left out, but Sigma puts a lot of effort into making everyone feel like they belong. There’s a real unity here.

Jan: – It’s exciting that, as an employee, you get insight into what’s happening behind the scenes. I meet my manager every third week. We talk about what’s happening at the company and how we can improve things. I haven’t had that type of insight at other consultancies. It makes you feel like you’re an active participant.

Title: Embedded Design Engineer
Education: Civil Engineer with focus on automation and mechatronics, Chalmers University of Technology, graduated 2010
My best sounding board: My boyfriend Axel, he asks trick questions that make me stop and think

Title: Embedded Design Engineer
Education: Information Systems, Linnaeus University, graduated 2011
My best sounding board: My little sister, because she’s been around me forever and knows what makes me tick