Interview with Sophie Jacobsson and Björn Lindh, information engineers

sophie and bjorn sigma technology

The mere thought of a world without technical manuals can send shivers down the spine of the tech savvy. Sigma Technology ensures that there is understandable technical information and helps us to live in harmony with our high-tech society.

Sigma Technology is the consultancy company that helps its customers to create easily-understandable information for advanced technologies. Sophie Jacobsson and Björn Lindh are two of Sigma Technology’s information engineers who speak both languages – that of the engineers and that of the users.

Today both Sophie and Björn work on assignments for Sigma Technology’s customer Tetra Pak. While Sophie primarily works with a focus on process development, improvement and Early Management – to give the projects an efficient start – Björn primarily works with a focus on product information.

I have worked with our customer Tetra Pak for three years in different roles within the same assignment. Currently I work with coordinating our working methods, simply put, with helping my coworkers to find efficient working methods. Through border transcending meetings, I work both with the information and the structure of the organization, says Sophie.

I and Sophie are colleagues in two senses of the word as we also work with the same customer – Tetra Pak. The focus of my assignment is to produce user-friendly product information. When a new or updated manual is needed, for example, for a printing press, I gather the needed information in an easily-understandable way for the user. How the machine works, how maintenance is done, what the electrical circuit looks like, and so on, says Björn.

What attracted both of them to Sigma Technology was the classical consultancy part with the opportunity to work for different customers and varied assignments. But also that the company drives research together with selected universities to be at the very forefront of technology.

– To get your part of Sigma’s culture and at the same time see other companies and cultures was attractive, says Sophie, and Björn adds:

I had a professor who did a research project together with Sigma, and because of this I got the chance to present my degree project to the company. The interest in and the curiosity for new thoughts and viewpoints that Sigma showed meant that we hit it off. It’s a company that wants to acquire new consultancy competences, and this, combined with the entrepreneurial spirit that exists makes it an exciting workplace.

Each year Sigma Technology go on a trip to weld together the team and get to know each other beyond unit borders. Björn, as a new recruit, thinks the combination of business and pleasure was a perfect start to his Sigma career.

We went to Turkey for a few days, which were filled by lectures, insight into the company culture, and networking with colleagues. As a newcomer, it was very encouraging and I immediately felt that I’d found the right company to grow at.

– It was foam party all the way! No, seriously speaking, the combination of lightheartedness and formal lectures and exercises provides a perfect opportunity to build on the warm and open company culture that Sigma stands for, finishes Sophie.


title: Information engineer.
education: Mechanical Engineering and Design Management, Linnæus University, graduation 2000.
favorite destination: Barcelona, I lived there for three years and worked at the Swedish Women’s Educational Association.

title: Information engineer.
education: Media and communication, Lund University, graduation 2008. Interaction design, Malmö University, master 2013.
what inspires you: Curious people who always want to learn something new.

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