Meet Nándor János Danyi, UX/UI Designer at Sigma Technology

Today we get acquainted with Nándor János Danyi, one of our UX/UI Designer at Sigma Technology Hungary.


Tell us about your experience, why did you choose to be a designer?

It all started in kindergarten when I drew the “best” drawings out of all the kids… my path was pretty much set after that. The direction was art education, settling with graphic design in the end. I’ve tried out a lot of aspects of that, and a few years ago I’ve decided to embrace the digital side of design. There’s a future in UX design and I wanted to be a part of it.


In what kind of projects are you involved? What’s your main responsibility?

I’m working with a product development team (front and back end developers, system architects) on multiple web and android based tools for a client. I do pretty much everything that is under the UX umbrella, but if I have to point out one thing, then it’s UI design: giving shape and form to all the improvements we design, culminating it in pixel-perfect layouts.


What can you share about UI/UX trends and how this direction is changing?

I can’t really give a “good” answer here. I see a lot of apps coming up with dark themes, that’s a trend for sure. Plus, I think I see a bit of dark pattern resurgence. Dark patterns are misleading tricks on websites and apps that make you do something you didn’t mean to, like subscribing to the newsletter.


How does the process of UI/UX design look like? 

The long answer would take up hours, the short one is simply the “design thinking method”. There are steps we have to follow to ensure that the designs we produce will not end up giving headaches to the users. The best time to do that before developing or launching a product is to test the concepts with users. Testing is the true challenge for a design. We gather the test results and iterate on them if necessary, producing a more suitable solution.

Besides, all our designs are data-driven. If the customer is open to continuous support, we gladly help.


Need an engaging design for your product or brand?

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