Meet Sophie Jacobsson

Sophie Jacobsson Information Engineer

Sophie is a passionate information engineer and dancer. She combines her passions and creates a better tomorrow for our customers. You might have seen the photo of Sophie on the new Sigma website. Here we share her story.

– Sophie, tell us what you do. What are your daily tasks and challenges?

I have had many different tasks and roles. My tasks are to plan, to coordinate projects, and to deliver improved solutions for technical information to my colleagues and to end users at client’s factories so that they can work smarter and more efficiently. At the moment, I am working on a big change management project aimed at developing a global technical information system to be implemented at client’s factories. Some of my tasks include analyzing and understanding user needs, writing business requirements for the system, visualizing the business requirements in a conceptual design, validating the requirements, and developing procedures and training material for the project.

– What are you passionate about in your work?

I am passionate about being creative, developing and improving things for people as well as improving tools and methods. I am motivated by collaborating with people who have energy and drive things forward.

– What is your hobby?

My hobby (and passion) is dancing, but I also like to play golf, do yoga, take long walks at the beach, and travel.

– Does your hobby give you inspiration in work? Do you think that they are connected?

I definitely think that dancing gives me inspiration in my work. It gives me a lot of energy and joy, and it is a way to express my creativity. I like to use my creative skills also in work when solving problems and developing improvements for my colleagues and the end users. I can feel the energy flow both when I am dancing and being creative at work, so for sure there is a connection.

– Do you think that passion is a driving force in both work and life?

Yes, passion is absolutely a driving force both in work and in life. When you do something you are passionate about, you are using high energy, which makes you feel good. When you feel good,
you can accomplish anything.

– What attracts you at Sigma Technology?

I am glad to have a professional network at Sigma Technology that I can use in my assignment. It is important for me to benchmark how other companies work and also get inspiration on how to develop the way forward for technical information. I like the energy in the company and I am happy to have nice colleagues.

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