Interview with Hosna Esfahani and Raheleh Boustan

Sigma-Technology-Consultants-Rahleh Hosna

“As consultants we can find our way to our dream job”

Hosna Esfahani and Raheleh Boustan work as consultants for Sigma Technology and are currently on assignments within the automotive industry. The consultant role involves a variation that they both value at the beginning of their careers.

A  position of a consultant at Sigma Technology opens the door to a variety of interesting assignments at some of Sweden’s biggest employers. Hosna Esfahani and Raheleh Boustan are currently on assignments at Volvo.

Tell us about your roles at Volvo!

Hosna: – I’m a function developer at Volvo Cars and work in a team that develops advanced support functions for drivers within the Active Safety area. As a function developer, I design and develop algorithms for the functions of the car. I also work with quality assurance for the functions and verify that they behave as wanted.
Raheleh: – As a product owner for central systems, I’m responsible for quality, strategies, planning, sprint deliveries, and test activities, as well as budget follow-up. Practically, I and four other people work with the so-called backlog – a to-do list containing changes that should be done in the system. We work in three-week sprints, and it’s my responsibility to make sure that this list is correctly prioritized. If some changes are put on hold for too long, it can mean that production is disrupted or, in the worst case, comes to a standstill!

What about the consultancy profession attracted you?

Raheleh: – There is a freedom in the consultancy profession. I can change jobs or assignments without changing my employer, and gain a broader experience of an industry rather than being tied to one role.

Hosna: – It is hard to know how well a job really suits you before you are there. As a consultant, you have the chance to develop your competence within a variety of different domains and try out different work environments. And because we spend so much time at our jobs, it is important to find the right one.

How did you discover Sigma Technology?

Hosna: – I contacted Sigma at a career fair at Halmstad University, and told them about my master’s thesis that actually was about Volvo’s technology.

Raheleh: – I did my thesis at Volvo Penta and my supervisor worked at Sigma.

What makes Sigma Technology an attractive employer?

Raheleh: – I went to interviews at a few consultancy companies after I graduated. At Sigma, I met three managers and all of them were open, honest, and direct, which really suited me. It also seemed to be an international environment with people from all parts of the world.

Hosna: – Sigma is my first employer in Sweden. Before I accepted the job, I talked to two other people from Iran who work here and they really enjoy doing so. My first impression of Sigma was that the relationship between the managers and the employees was very relaxed and that it was easy to become part of the company – and that is true.

How does Sigma Technology maintain closeness to its consultants?

Hosna: – Sigma is one of few consultancy companies that really knows the art of keeping up the relationship with its consultants. We have many activities, lunches, and similar that create a strong unity in spite of us working on different assignments. I go to Volvo every day, but I feel that it is Sigma I’m working for.

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