Sigma is a large corporation that acts like a small company: David Tysell and Sofia Jansson

David Tysell and Sofia Jansson

At Sigma Technology in Gothenburg, there is a group of experts passionate about technology and information. Sofia and David are two of them.

Sigma Technology is a global supplier of product information, software & embedded design as well as offshore development. This combination of IT and communication fits Sofia Jansson and David Tysell perfectly. They both feel they found a home when they came to the Sigma family.

Tell us more about your roles!

– As an information engineer, I write and edit different kinds of documents, at the moment for our telecommunication client. For example, some updates can affect the telecom network. I enjoy working on projects with a team, so it’s a good fit for me. My colleagues are in, among other countries, China and Hungary. Despite the vast physical distance between us, by working together, we deliver under pressure. All of that makes my job extra fun and challenging, explains Sofia.

– As a business analyst, I act as a link between business and IT, currently at one of our biggest automotive clients, tells David.

How did you come to work at Sigma?

– I had worked as a communicator, receptionist, and travel manager. I knew that Sigma was a consulting company, so when a position opened up that combined two of my interests – communication and technology – I took a chance and applied. Since then, I’ve learned an incredible amount in our projects, using language and international cooperation, says Sofia.
– When one of Sigma’s customers specifically requested me Sigma made me an attractive offer. Before that, I had worked in sales for many years, but I had always had an interest in IT. When a chance came to change my career path five years ago, I took it and became a consultant. Sigma is a large company and gives me all the advantages of a large corporation but they act like a much smaller company with the focus on their employees.

What do you value at Sigma?

– Even if I don’t have a close relationship with my Sigma colleagues, I feel like I’m one of the gang. Sigma works hard to create a fellowship despite physical distances. Group lunches are
arranged on a regular basis, as well as after work meetings, networking and lectures so that we consultants will always feel supported by Sigma, which I really do, explains David.
– At Sigma, I really feel that my viewpoints matter. I have an open dialog with my bosses, they often ask me how I’m doing and what they can do to help. People from many different countries work here, and that leads to an open, warm and inclusive work climate, Sofia adds.

What makes you proud about your employer?

– That Sigma arranges the network Sigma Smart Women Society. Sigma arranges lectures and classes to attract more women to IT, Sofia says.
– Sigma sponsors a school in South Africa with the purpose of fighting AIDS and HIV.
The project’s called Star for Life. It feels good to work for a company that takes responsibility, concludes David.

About David Tysell

Title: Business analyst
Education: IT, Project Management, Business

About Sofia Jansson

Title: Information Engineer
Education: Master in Communication, Gothenburg
University. B.A in Japanese and Asian Studies, Lund University, graduated 2012

Text: Sofia Lundmark

Photo: Julia Sjöberg

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