Sigma Technology Feels Like a Second Home. Interview with Anna Palmers and Rana Alamgir

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They work in an international work environment where different cultures and competences inspire forward thinking and fascinating conversations. Anna and Rana found the employer of their dreams in Sigma Technology.

The communal eating area at Sigma Technology looks like the bridge on a ship with a long dining table where the employees meet for breakfast and lunch. You hear several languages being spoken. The employees of Sigma Technology comprise of more than 20 different nationalities. And it is the different nationalities that Rana Alamgir from Bangladesh mentions first when he describes his work place.

Rana: – In my team of fifteen people there are eight different nationalities. The different cultures and backgrounds mean that we learn a lot from each other. And there are no language
barriers here, which means that competent people who aren’t native Swedish speakers are able to contribute and develop here.

Describe your job!

Rana: – I’m a technical writer and I write product information for one of our customers within telecom. It’s a challenge to explain something that is so technically complex in a way so that everyone can understand, but that’s also the reason I really like my job.

Rana works at the headquarters in Gothenburg with his customer next door. Anna Palmers, on the other hand, works as a program coordinator on-site for an IT company within the automotive industry. She has worked at Sigma Technology since 2008.

Why is being a consultant a good job for you?

Anna: – It fits my personality. You could say that Sigma Technology reflects who I am. It’s a company where managers listen to the employees and where dialog is important – the managers always have time to discuss things and we can speak our minds. They know us and they know what we’re good at, and I think this contributes to their ability to put us in assignments where our competences come to good use.

What does Sigma Technology do to make employees enjoy working there?

Rana: – Everything from small things like fruit baskets and breakfast together every morning to a great transparency and a clear induction process for new employees.

Anna: – For people like me who don’t work in the office on a daily basis, it’s important that Sigma Technology feels like a home where I can go for a coffee and discuss things when it’s needed, but above all else that it’s a flexible work place with a mind-set focused on solutions.

What do your plans for your future at Sigma Technology look like?

Rana: – I’ve only worked here for a year, but I know that there are opportunities for me to develop and move on to other tasks if I want to do that.

Anna: – I want to continue developing within different domains with new customers, preferably with a focus on management work – that’s the nice thing about being a consultant.

They’d also like to see a work place that is diversified on more levels than just nationality. Sigma Technology is a young company, and despite that the percentage of women is comparatively big, it could be bigger.

Anna: – I think that more women and senior consultants could create a better balance and develop us even more.


title: Program Coordinator.
education: High school diploma combined with studies at Gothenburg University and in France, plus training provided by various employers; for example, within technical information, languages, and project management.
What makes you want to go to work? Talking to energetic and inspiring people around me.

title: Technical Writer.
education: A master’s degree in IT Management and a master’s degree in International Marketing from Mälardalen University College.
What makes you want to go to work? Learning from the feedback I get on what I write.

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