Sigma Technology invests in employee development. Interview with Julia Paschke and Gabriel Gourie

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Both Gabriel Gourie and Julia Paschke are new at Sigma Technology, but they have already had a taste of the inspiring work environment that the company offers. They both work as engineers and they share the feeling that they are here to stay.

For the last few months, test engineer Gabriel Gourie has been working at Sigma Technology.
Currently he is working with the vehicle industry as a software tester of a tightening system that is used in the car assembling process. This is advanced tool technology that many take for granted.

– What I like the most is that the system we work with is exciting from a technical perspective.
And that I, as a tester, get the chance to see the connection and interplay between hardware, software, and electronics. I have a job where I do not just bury myself in one thing, but instead get to see and test our products in their entirety, which is something that I am very happy with.

Last autumn Julia Paschke also started working at her position as an information engineer and technical writer. Currently she is in a consultancy assignment for Ericsson where she works with product descriptions and manuals. The varied tasks and the people in addition to being able to combine two of her passions are things she highlights as the best aspects of her work.

– I started at Sigma Technology in September 2014, and at Ericsson I currently interview developers about their radio base station to be able to write a detailed product description. I have always been interested in technology, and I worked a lot with technical instruments when I studied biochemistry. I have always been fond of writing, so it feels like I have found the perfect role. During my job interview, I was invited to a course in Tech Writing, which was very interesting, and I got a sense for how much Sigma Technology invests in the development of their coworkers.

Gabriel and Julia have previous experience from both small and big companies, and they think that one of the strengths of Sigma Technology is that it succeeds in combining these two different worlds. A flat organization plus a yearly conference are highlighted as two of the reasons that make them see a bright – and long – future at the company.

I really appreciate the flat organization. The managers are always available. And if you have questions, you can ask anyone at any time, says Julia, and Gabriel adds:

The fact that we are a big company that has managed to keep the feeling of a smaller company thanks to the short communication routes is really cool. I got the chance to go on our yearly conference trip to Turkey last year, where a nice mix of business and pleasure is on offer. I got the chance to get to know both the organization and the coworkers better. I do not see a horizon at Sigma Technology and feel that I will be here for a long time, this feels really good!

title: Information engineer and technical writer.
education: Biology, Free University of Berlin, D.Phil., in Biochemistry, Humboldt University of Berlin. Uppsala University for a year and Karolinska Institutet for a year. Graduation 2007.
hobbies: I like outdoor activities, such as hiking.

title: Test engineer.
education: MSc Engineering Physics, Uppsala University, graduated 2007.
hobbies: I play football and I’m interested in martial arts. In the summer, I like to ride my motorbike.

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