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In the latest episode of the Re-Business podcast, Veronika Pistyur dives into thought-provoking questions with business leaders. This time, her guests are György Nagy, President at Sigma Technology Hungary, and Gábor Varga, Chief Business Officer at Publicis Groupe Hungary. The conversation explores critical themes for leaders: the power of credibility as a competitive advantage, the value of generosity in business dealings, and the lasting impact of our choices. While the podcast itself is in Hungarian, we’ve summarized some key takeaways for our global audience.

Click here to listen to the podcast in Hungarian.

Re Business podcast 2024 03 13

Key Takeaways

  • Unexpected connections: György’s youthful dreams of being a copywriter created a surprising link with Gábor from Publicis Groupe. It’s a reminder that past aspirations can pave the way for future opportunities.
  • The “Extra Mile” pays off: Going above and beyond can open unexpected doors.
  • Generosity builds trust: Long-term business success hinges on building trust and cultivating a culture of generosity.
  • Your legacy starts today: It’s never too early to build credibility. Our choices today shape the legacy we leave behind.
  • Value-based decision-making: As leaders, György and Gábor emphasize the importance of a stable value system guiding daily operations.
  • Competitive advantage in everyday actions: In an increasingly competitive world, a company’s everyday actions and internal culture become significant differentiators.
  • The power of internal drive: Doing the right thing even when unobserved– this motivation is key for leaders and individuals.
  • Fostering inclusion: Creating a culture where everyone feels valued and ideas flow freely is vital to innovation.
  • Balancing trust and accountability: A balance must be found to protect against the misuse of trust and maintain a healthy work environment.