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Anna Hanström joined Sigma Technology Group to take the next step in software development. “A large consulting company like Sigma Technology Group provided me with contacts and the opportunity to try new things. There is a wonderful community here that contributes to everyone’s well-being. Some workplaces feel like a bus stop in people’s careers, where everyone is there, but wants to move on. Here people want to stay and grow,” says Anna.  

Anna works with front-end and back-end, both what the users see on a website and what happens behind the scenes. This provides a variation in the job that she enjoys. “I develop different user interfaces and adjust things, while also working with the systems behind them. I like having dual colleagues, both at Sigma Technology Group’s office and out with the client. The width of competencies at Sigma Technology Group is impressive. Here you can put together a team that creates a product from start to finish, and there are competencies all along the chain that can handle it.”

John Blom started working at Sigma Technology Group 1 year ago. He works with advanced and broad troubleshooting of both hardware and software, and every day is different. “Sometimes I find things in the system that I have never seen before, it can be both cool and weird things created ten years ago. Then my challenge is to unravel the threads. It’s like picking up a new phone, you know you need to go into the setting menu, but you don’t know what it will look like.

His colleagues and the growth potential make John enjoy his workplace. “I like the feeling that Sigma Technology Group cares about us. If anyone unhappy with an assignment or wants to change direction, they can always discuss it with their manager. I have never experienced such strong support at another workplace before. I have also not been with a company that has such understanding for new employees. I have called my manager many times to ask questions that may be obvious to others,” John explains.

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John Blom and Anna Hanstrom 
  • Which area do you want to develop in right now?

    John: Public speaking. I brought it up with my manager, and we have come up with a plan on how I can practice and improve. It feels like a good challenge.

    Anna: Right now, I want to explore different paths within software development and see if I become particularly interested in any specific area.

  • What do colleagues at Sigma Technology Group do to have fun together?

    Anna: There are many events and afterwork gatherings at Sigma Technology Group. We consultants work from different locations, so it’s valuable to gather. Last week, we had a beer tasting. I’m not a big beer fan, but I learned about different types. In the winter, we went ice skating and, in the summer, we’re planning a summer party.

    John: It’s fun with all the organized events. We’re all nerds in a wonderful way! We enjoy delving into things and sharing with each other.

 About Sigma Technology

Sigma Technology Group, part of the Sigma Group, is a privately-owned global technology consulting company with operations in Sweden, Hungary, China, Norway, and Ukraine and global delivery to Europe, the USA, and China. Sigma Technology Group offers cutting-edge expertise in software development, product information, embedded systems design & development, IT infrastructure development & administration, and digital solutions with expert consultants, offshore delivery, and development teams.


Translated interview from Dagens Indistri

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