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Sigma Technology Insight Solutions, a leader in AI expertise, collaborates with Capacio and its Neurocognitive profiling tools to create efficient teams and develop the HR field. The partnership also enhances recruitment and effective team deliveries, with the potential to improve both companies and technical consultants.

Sigma Technology Insight Solutions, a part of Sigma Technology Group with 3,400 employees, is a leading provider of AI expertise and consulting teams. They offer efficient and collaborative teams to compete with the world’s major consulting firms.  

The collaboration with Capacio began in the spring when they worked together on a project with SAS Insitute, a global software provider for data analytics. In the project, Sigma Technology Insight Solutions analyzed data alongside Capacio’s neuroscientific experts to identify different thinking styles.

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Robert and Anders


Robert Åberg, President at Sigma Technology Insight Solutions, says:  

“With the help of Capacio and their world-leading profiling tools in neurocognition, we have within a short time managed to take big steps forward in our own HR field. We have among other things, created successful and more efficient teams for many of our clients with the help of these analyses.” 

Based on 80 years of cognitive neuroscience, Capacio has developed advanced digital profiling techniques and an analysis and reporting engine to measure an individual‘s ability to adapt and thrive in various dynamic environments – something that traditional psychological tests cannot accomplish. These brain-based insights from profiling enable the composition and development of effective teams through a deeper understanding of individual behaviors and also strengthen collaboration within existing teams. Originally used in sports contexts to build successful teams and provide tailored coaching, an increasing number of companies now see the value in using these tools to create successful corporate teams.

Robert adds:  

“Having the opportunity to work with a scientifically developed AI product, whose foundational data comes from tests on 5,000 individuals, including some of the world’s top football players, is truly fascinating. We see with the help of this, we can offer our customers even more efficient team deliveries and become better both as a company and technical consultants.” 

Anders Norén, Co-founder and CEO of Capacio, says:  

“We are pleased to collaborate with Robert and the team at Sigma, who are pioneers in Data Analytics and especially People Analytics (HR analytics). We know that our tests can make a significant difference in talent management, as we have already demonstrated in sports. We are now looking forward to, together with Sigma, contributing to the development of both People Analytics and the entire Talent Management process, from recruiting to onboarding, teambuilding and development.”

All employees of Sigma Technology Insight Solutions have had the opportunity to take the cognitive behavior test to identify strengths and behaviors as a crucial foundation in how Sigma builds its teams. The platform has also been used in recruitment, and Capacio’s cognitive behavior science test has assisted Sigma in hiring the most suitable candidates based on the profiles the company wants to employ. The findings are also handed over to the individual consultants as a part of increasing self-awareness and self-leadership.


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