Interview with Karin Jernberg, Marketing Intern

Karin is currently working at Sigma Technology Göteborg as a marketing intern. Karin is a final-year student at the Sales and Business School (Sälj&Marknadshögskola) in Göteborg. Karin’s internship is mostly in cooperation with our Information Management department, and her responsible manager is Johnny Fägersten.
Tell us a little about yourself…
I moved from my hometown Kristinehamn to Gothenburg in 2010. The timing felt right and I had planned for a long time to get here. First job I got was a temp job as a receptionist but shortly thereafter I was offered a full time position as an administrator. I wanted to improve my knowledge in the administrative area since I worked in a creative environment for many years before.
What made you study sales and marketing?
I thought I found the right when I got my job as an administrator but I missed the creative setting that I have been in so long and I thought then that I wanted to combine an administrative job with a creative and that’s when I began to seek programs in marketing.
How did you get the role with Sigma Technology?
I was tipped off by my lecturer in marketing to contact Johnny as they were former colleagues. I called at the right time since Johnny had just started up the project SmartShoring and needed someone to push it further and help with marketing communication and promotion of the project.
I thought it seemed interesting because this kind of work is something I can imagine to work with after my graduation, so I said yes.
How long is the internship?
12 weeks, I finish the week before Christmas.
What is your background?
I’ve done a lot of things but I have the most experience in advertising and graphic design since I have been working with it for nearly 6 years in total.
I have mostly worked with small firms and it becomes easy then to get occupied with many different roles so I’ve worked with everything from purchasing, invoicing and sales to graphic design and assembly.
What do you do as a marketing intern?
For the project SmartShoring I give advice and support concerning marketing communications and marketing. I handle invitations and registrations of our prospectus. I am responsible for external marketing and advertising. In addition, I work with all the practicalities around the event itself.
For the Sigma Technology in general, I will review the existing marketing materials and give my advice and views on this and also give suggestions on what can be improved.
Do you enjoy it here, so far?
Yes, I feel very good. At first I thought maybe it could be to my disadvantage that there is no marketing department, but now I think not so, quite the opposite actually. This has given me a greater insight into the projects I work with and even more responsibility. Employees and managers are on the same level, which also feels very good and convenient and I really feel like a part of the team.
What are your ambitions for once you have finished?
I have the ambition to work in marketing after I have taken my degree, either as a marketing coordinator at a company with a marketing department or as a consultant in project form.
But first I’ll have time off! Christmas will probably be spent in Gent, Belgium, and hopefully I’m in a warm country over New Year.
Is there anything you can tell us that not many people know?
When I was living in London during a period of my life and worked as a barista, one day George Clooney popped up in the coffee shop and I was the one who got to serve him coffee! I’m the only one that has done that in my circle of friends anyway!

We would like to thank Karin for taking the time to speak to us and wish her luck in her assignment. The SmartShoring event is on Wednesday Novemeber 21st, read more about SmartShore at their website and Facebook page.