Interview with Nena Stojova and Alexandra Angerd, Student Representatives

Alexandra Angerd and Nena Stojova are currently working with Sigma Technology as student ambassadors.

Alexandra is studying Embedded Electronic System Design at Chalmers University of Technology, based in Johanneberg. She is cooperating mostly with our Engineering Services department, to learn more about that business area, as it is very much linked to her educational background. Her responsible manager is Klas Persson.

Nena is studying Software Engineering and Management at Gothenburg University, based in Lindholmen. She is cooperating mostly with our Information Development department, to learn more about that business area. Her responsible manager is Johan Thornadtsson.
Tell us a little about yourself…
Alexandra: I’m 24 years old and a final-year student at Chalmers. I enjoy downhill skiing, reading books and hanging out with my friends.

Nena: I come from Macedonia but have been living in Sweden for a while now! I study software engineering and management and I’m particularly interested in the social aspect of technology, technology innovation implementation and organizational change management.
How did you get the role with Sigma Technology?
Nena: My friend was the student ambassador at Sigma Technology last year, and she works there now and she recommended me to be the next student ambassador.
Alex: I saw Sigma Technology on Facebook, clicked to the homepage and found the job there, and applied online.
Why did you want to be a student representative?
Alex: To gain an insight into how working life works, and to help students to get in contact with companies.
Nena: The same as Alex, and so that I can be a link between students and the working world, inspire others to take their first steps to approaching companies.
What is your background?
Nena: I studied Scandinavian studies including linguistics, literature and cultural studies in Bulgaria.
Alex: I studied engineering physics for 1.5 years, and then changed to Computer Science and Engineering, and have BSc in computer science engineering.
Why are you studying your particular course?
Nena: Because it’s not just CS, it has social aspects as well. And I feel it is good to contribute to technology in a positive way.
Alex: I got interested in hardware and embedded systems during my BSc years. Because of that, choosing this master program was an easy decision.
DatE-IT is at Chalmers this week, how have you been involved in the preparations?
Alex:  Planning the booth and the contest, with a main prize of a tablet PC!
Nena: We also contributed creative ideas, to get people to notice Sigma Technology.
You both feature on the poster for DatE-IT, how does it feel having your face on the poster?
Nena: I’m hoping for a cardboard cut-out next time!
Alex: Strange, but nice as it gives the other students a chance to see who we are and can ask us if they want to know more about Sigma Technology or DatE-IT.
What are your ambitions for once you have finished university next year?
Nena: A career path that will help me develop professionally and personally. I would like an interesting job that involves a lot of traveling! And ultimately taking a master’s in management!
Alex: My ambition is to find an interesting job in my field of studies. Hopefully, I will find this position at Sigma Technology!

Is there anything you can tell us that not many people know?
Alex: I know how to play the clarinet!

Nena: I can actually cook!

We would like to thank Alexandra and Nena for taking the time to speak to us and wish them luck in their student ambassadorial work. If you wish to speak to either of them about their role or about Sigma Technology, don’t hesitate to contact them on campus – they would be pleased to help. They will both be at DatE-IT later this week as well.

Don’t forget to come to our Information Development and Engineering Services talks as well, they will be held at both Johanneberg and Lindholmen. Look out for more information in the upcoming student newsletter from Alex and Nena!