Interview with our new student representatives in Göteborg

Davor Majdandzic and Reem Hayder are currently working with Sigma Technology as student ambassadors.

Davor is studying for a master’s in Embedded Electronic System Design at Chalmers University of Technology, based in Johanneberg. He is cooperating mostly with our software and embedded design department, to learn more about that business area, as it is very much linked to his educational background. His responsible manager is Klas Persson.

Reem is studying Software Engineering and Management at Gothenburg University, based in Lindholmen. She is cooperating mostly with our product information department, to learn more about that business area. Her responsible manager is Johan Thornadtsson.
Tell us a little about yourself…
Davor: I’m a 24 year old fellow that likes playing guitar, running, and cooking! I’m a final-year student at Chalmers University where I study the master’s program Embedded Electronic System Design.
Reem: I am from Iraq, Baghdad. I moved here 3 years ago actually and this is my home now. I can still remember the first day I landed in Sweden; I was amazed of how green it looked from up in the sky.
How did you get the role with Sigma Technology?
Davor: Actually a coincidence. I was looking up previous years master’s theses via the Sigma Technology website and found the job for student ambassadors, which I found appealing; so I applied.
Reem: I got to know about Sigma technology through Nena Stojova, the previous student ambassador who was studying the same program and used to organize the seminars at the Lindholmen Campus.
Why did you want to be a student representative?
Reem: Why…well I think the job is very interesting, very challenging, and I get to learn a lot from it. I am a curious person in the sense that I like to involve myself in new experiences, like this role.
Davor: To help students get in contact with companies and follow their dreams.
What is your background?
Davor: I’ve got a bachelor’s degree in electro technology from Chalmers. My strengths are that I’m very persistent, and the things that drive me are curiosity and challenges.
Reem: I studied three majors before I came here, each for a year and some for two. The majors are English for specific purposes, applied chemistry, and architectural engineering. For the time being, I am a student In the Software Engineering bachelor’s program that is managed by both Chalmers and Gothenburg University. I study at the Lindholmen Campus. I am fluent in English, Arabic, and I know some Swedish.
Why are you studying your particular course?
Reem: The first time i visited Göteborg, I really liked it. I liked the whole atmosphere. It’s friendly and not too crowded, so you have space to walk. So I thought I should apply to study here. I chose Software Engineering because I believe that IT is the future and I want to be part of something that can have an impact on that future.
Davor: I’ve always had a passion for technology and science; I’m the type of guy that reads science for fun. I got interested in embedded system design in my last bachelor’s year.
What are your ambitions for once you have finished university next year?
Davor: World domination, no just kidding. I like challenges, so maybe a position here at Sigma Technology in my field of studies.
Reem: What I want to do when I graduate…it’s pretty hard to say exactly what I want to do right now. However, depending on the opportunity, I would either continue my studies and do a master’s, or get a job for a year and then do a master’s.

Is there anything you can tell us that not many people know?

Davor: I’ve played an instrument in a Croatian band since I was like…13 years old.
Reem: When I was 7 I used to practice taekwondo!

We would like to thank Davor and Reem for taking the time to speak to us and wish them luck in their student ambassadorial work. If you wish to speak to either of them about their role or about Sigma Technology, don’t hesitate to contact them on campus – they would be pleased to help.