[interviews] Women in technology

Johanna Simonsson
Johanna Simonsson, MSc in Mechatronics, test automation engineer at Sigma Technology, Stockholm:

I find my job creative. That’s a fun thing. People mostly associate creativity with painting, design, or another type of art. For me, creativity is in programming. The whole world is open in front of an engineer, who has the freedom to choose new tools for accomplishing the goals. Programming is the way to express myself and do things I love.

Tina (left) and Hazzy-interview

Tina Yuan, DITA Migration Leader and Technical Writer, China:

Being a technical writer is really challenging and interesting. I say it is challenging because there are always new things for you to learn, not just the various writing styles, but also you will need to grasp lots of qualifications as time goes by, such as language, illustration, customer mindset, communication, coordination, project management or even product management skills and etc.
I say it is interesting because how can you get bored learning new things every day, especially when you help numerous people across the world use the products with the help of your documentation.

Hazzy He, Technical Writer, China:

Technology for me is a better future. It traps our mind and changes the world each day. It is up to us to decide whether we want to be pioneers or slaves of technology.


Natasha Asimiadis Steindal, Information Engineer, Växjö

Technology means that I can interact with other people and culture in a second, and it gives me the means to learn new things everyday on a more global point of view. For me technology means that borders are erased among people, countries, and companies. It is the present and the future combined. Somedays I feel that the technology we experience today is the best, but then I think about the future and all the amazing things that will be possible due to technology that we don’t know yet. That is truly the most exciting thing about it: the innovation and possibilities technology brings to our present and future.


Sandra Siby

Sandra Siby Embedded Design Engineer, Gothenburg:

The most exciting about my job are mainly two things. The first is the variety of areas that I can work within, the possibility for me to choose if I want to work the most towards people or deep down in some technical product. The second is that I’m part of the development of the latest technology, it’s both the excitement of working with new ideas and concepts as well as the satisfaction when the product we have developed is produced and can be used by anyone.


Liselotte Shafiee Vice President at Sigma Technology USA office, San Jose (CA):

I’ve always been interested in technology, and back in the 90s I simply wanted to know more about computers so I decided to pursue a degree in Computer Science. To me, technology is an enabler, the possibility to do better.
I started out as an Information Engineer, and then moved to management positions, when in 2008 I was responsible for starting up our office in Shanghai, later became Unit Manager in Gothenburg and from 2014 I act as Vice President at Sigma Technology USA. I find my job exciting, because I get the opportunity to work with very skilled, bright people.

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About Women in technology interviews

Information technology is one of the most developed areas nowadays, as a lot of new inventions come every day. The majority of businesses have now recognized that balanced and diversified work environment brings the best productivity. It also implies harmonious joint work of men and women. However, still a small percentage of women consider the IT sphere for the future employment. Therefore, we would like to launch a new series of interviews Women in technology with Sigma Technology’s female employees to show that women are making a big change in technology and IT. #technologywomen2015

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