Major order from telecom company worth SEK 45 M over three years – Sigma Technology establishes an office in Karlskrona

Sigma Technology, a world leader in information logistics, establishes a new office in Karlskrona in connection with the order. Sigma Technology expects its Hungarian operations to support the demand.

The agreement covers the development, maintenance and publishing of customer’s technical information for products manufactured in Karlskrona. The agreement covers a period of three years. The new office will employ 20 people when fully established by the end of the year.

– Choosing Sigma Technology as the supplier also in Karlskrona is a proof of our world-leading position in information logistics and evidence of our excellent co-operation with the client in other regions of the country, says Sigma Technology’ Site Manager Fredrik Slätterhed.

Sigma Technology’ initial focus is to ramp-up the operations with the client. Sigma Technology’ ambition is to expand its operations and add new clients in the region.

– Recruiting in Karlskrona will be a challenge, but with our profitability and persistance, we are likely to attract skilled employees. We estimate a need of 20 employees before the end of this year. By finding new clients in the region, we expect to expand up to 30 employees within the next two years, says Fredrik Slätterhed.