Measuring Quality in Technical Information

How do you measure and test quality in technical information? Researchers A. Wingkvist, M. Ericsson, R. Lincke, and W. Löwe at the Linnaeus University present their answers in a number of research papers, recommended reading for anyone interested in the subject of technical documentation. Sigma Technology cooperates with Linnaeus University for this research.


“We believe that the research conducted at the Linnaeus University can help us and our customers improve, that is why we think it is very important to support it”, says Niklas Malmros at Sigma Technology.


“The collaboration with Sigma Technology makes us focus on industry needs rather than what is possible in research. In fact, we didn’t even think about applying our measurement technology on technical information before we met Sigma Technology”, says Prof. Welf Löwe at the Linnaeus University.


The three papers published have the titles:

  • A Metrics-Based Approach to Technical Documentation Quality
  • Information Quality Testing
  • Analysis and Visualization of Information Quality of Technical Documentation