Meet our student ambassador Sarah Abelin

Sarah Abelin
1. Hi, Sarah! Tell us about yourself.

My name is Sarah Abelin, and I study Design and Product Realisation at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. I am now in my fifth year of studies and currently taking a master in Mechatronics. In the future I hope that I can combine my interest in design with programming and mechatronics.

2. What will you do within your role?

In my role as a student ambassador, I am Sigma Technology’s link to the students. We organise events for students at Sigma’s office with the purpose of letting students know about Sigma and future career possibilities; and letting the company get to know students, primarily in their last year of studies, who could become future employees. We also spread the information about Sigma to the bigger crowd.

3. What is technology for you? Why would you like to work with technology and IT?

Technology for me is solving problems. Not only can you make life easier with technology, but also more fun. I love to know how things work, not just observe that they work. In that way I can fix them if they break or develop them to be even better.