Multisite sourcing helps reduce cost and improve quality

Sigma Technology offers customers a way to cut costs and improve quality at the same time. We call it “multisite sourcing”. Cost is reduced by using our global production capacity to produce where resources with the right competence are available at a lower cost. Quality is improved since a multisite delivery allows us to use our own streamlined ways of working, to use different competence areas for different work tasks, and to utilize our international pool of resources with specialized centers of excellence.

Communication between the different Sigma Technology sites is handled entirely by our internal processes, so from the customer perspective, there is no difference from a project carried out locally – the customer will experience the same closeness. For customer projects carried out at multiple locations, our global presence means that we can be a local part of the project on several sites.

A Multisite delivery is often part of a managed service delivery, where Sigma Technology takes on the total responsibility for a part of the customer’s delivery. A managed service delivery also means that production capacity can be increased or reduced as needed, on a very short notice. Multisite delivery in the form of a managed service delivery gives our customers access to our subject matter experts world-wide.

Currently, several major projects for our customers are handled as “multisite sourcing” projects. For example, we are supplying a world leading Telecom Company with technical writers for one of their core projects from both Shanghai and Gothenburg, mirroring the setup of the customer’s development project and providing local presence on two sites. Another project involves hardware development in Beijing and Stockholm where our technical writers are part of the project locally and additional support and low-cost delivery from Hungary. Some of our current projects even involve staff takeover and a complete responsibility for all the production of documentation for the customer’s products. Some are in the form of traditional projects. But the thing they have in common is that they lower customer cost and increase quality of the information.

Our multisite sourcing customers include several world leading telecom companies as well as world leading automotive manufacturers. Please contact us to learn more about multisite sourcing and how you can reduce costs and improve quality at the same time.