New assignment in software tutorial videos, interview with Imre Nagy

At Sigma Technology, our consultants undertake a wide variety of tasks for different customers and projects, some of which are new to both us and our customers. But our vast knowledge and expertise enable us to meet the requirements of these tasks. An example of this is a new project in Hungary, where we were requested to make software tutorial videos.
Software tutorial videos are a great help for users of software, in order to get to know the software and to be able to use it more efficiently. We interview Imre Nagy, a project and design support manager at Sigma Technology Hungary, to find out more and to see how our expertise in graphic-, video-, and software design, met with our expertise in technical information to create something really useful.
One of our customers is about to launch a new software product, what is the purpose of the tutorial videos in this product?
The purpose of creating these videos is to support internal and external users of the product in using and administering the product’s subsystems. Since this product is not easy to comprehend, these videos help in seeing the “big picture”, and also help carry out everyday tasks. This added value is very important, as carrying out these particular tasks with ease has become a key aspect for both our customer and their customers.
What tool do you use in the project and what competence is required to create the videos?
We use is Camtasia Studio as the standard tool for creating the videos. There are requirements we have to comply with regarding the format, length, branding, and a lot more. We need to analyze the use cases, define workflows, and produce one video per workflow. Experience in creating storyboards, transcripts, and editing videos is required, and of course, being the “voice” of a product is never easy. We are very lucky to have all this competence in our team: Éva Brigovácz creates the videos, having a great deal of experience in this area, while Gergely Mácsai, who formerly did English dubbing, gives his voice, and Dániel Sándor assists with his expertise in voice editing.
How can the end users access these videos?
The end users can access the videos online, using the standard help library. The long-term plan is, however, to make the videos available directly from the software’s graphical user interface, as part of the integrated help tool.
How many videos are you going to create this year?
The lion’s share of the videos will be finished this year, which means 15–20 videos about the main use cases. However, there could be additional videos, which would help see the “big picture”, the “why” besides the “how”.

It is great to get new assignments that build upon our current ones and require the depth of our expertise, and we wish Imre and the team the best of luck for this new assignment!