Outsourcing for SME’s

Many companies choose to seize the benefits of using competent and cost efficient resources abroad – what is usually referred to as outsourcing. The practice is commonplace among large companies, but now, Sigma Technology can offer managed outsourcing that allows small and medium size enterprises (SME’s) to reap the benefits of outsourcing too.

-“Our concept with a local contact person handling the remote team works really well”, says Björn Andersson, Country Sales Manager at Sigma Technology. He continues: “In practice it means that the customer gets a local contact who they can communicate with during local working hours. The local contact then manages the client’s dedicated development team located in a remote Sigma Technology site. This gives the benefits of a local contact and the dedicated expertise and lower cost of an offshore development centre – the best of two worlds”.   Sigma Technology offshore centers are located in Europe, something that simplifies collaboration thanks to cultural similarity, time zone, language and straight forward communication.

“So, if your development projects suffer from a shortage of resources with the right skill set, scaling problems, excessive cost, quality issues or productivity problems, consider an offshore solution. If addressed correctly and with the help of a Swedish local partner who has a proven offshore set-up you will be able to turn problems into solutions” says Björn.