Salon of Technical Communication and Technical Writing at PKU

Last Saturday, October 20th, Sigma Technology attended the Salon of Technical Communication and Technical Writing, held at Peking University (PKU). The salon was organized by PKU and the Chinese Translation Association’s localization department, and sponsored by Sigma Technology.
Sigma Technology was one of the many companies that were invited, and experts from Symantec, EMC, Huawei, and Sigma Technology gave presentations regarding the technical communication industry, technical communication tools and skills, and training for technical communication, among other things.
Nate Zhang, site manager for Sigma Technology Beijing, was invited to the salon to present “the future of technical information”. During this presentation, Nate explained what Sigma Technology is doing both in China and globally in terms of developing technical communication. He also showcased SmartShare, with a live demo of IV Produkt’s current implementation of SmartShare, showing how QR codes can be used to locate product-specific technical documentation.
Nate was asked a lot of questions regarding what services we offer, and regarding our cooperation with PKU. He was able to explain the course we teach at PKU and the interns from PKU that are currently working at Sigma Technology in Beijing.
The interns from PKU were at the event and helped out, handing out cards with links to the Sigma Technology China page on Weibo, the Chinese-equivalent to Facebook. The interns also wore Sigma Technology t-shirts, and were great ambassadors for both us and PKU.
It was an incredibly popular event, with more than 120 attendees at PKU and a further 20 attending from Shanghai through a live web feed. The salon encouraged lots of discussion relating to the problems the technical communication industry currently faces, and was a great way to showcase our knowledge of the technical communication industry, and what we can offer to current and potential customers.
We would like to thank all those that attended, participated, and helped organize the event, and we look forward to the next similar event!