Sigma signs general agreement with BAE Systems C-ITS

Sigma has signed a general agreement with BAE Systems C-ITS AB. The primary purpose of the general agreement is to facilitate cooperation, but shall also ensure resources for development work for BAE Systems C-ITS over the long-term.

The agreement allows BAE Systems C-ITS to utilize all of Sigma’s service portfolio where Sigma Technology shall provide documentation services. Other services provided by Sigma include systems development, systems testing, integration, project management and operational development. The general agreement shall facilitate cooperation and ensure resources for development work over the long-term that is not covered by BAE Systems C-ITS’ own personnel.

Johan Ohlson at BAE Systems C-ITS in Linköping says: “When we moved our Helsingborg office to Linköping, we needed a strong cooperative partner that could provide long-term support in our business. Sigma has shown itself to be such a partner”.

“We are extremely happy that BAE Systems C-ITS selected us as a cooperative partner and we are looking forward to assisting BAE Systems C-ITS in its future development,” concludes Anders Lindström, Business Manager at Sigma.

The term of the agreement is one year and is automatically renewed one year at a time.