Sigma Technology at the Third Swedish-Hungarian Innovation Day

Recently the third event of the Swedish-Hungarian Innovation Days was held in Budapest, and Sigma Technology was in attendance. The third event was titled “Focus on Education”, offering attendees the chance to listen to renowned Swedish and Hungarian experts in the field.
The main focus of the day was to discuss the interrelated and synergic nature of the three components of the knowledge triangle: education, research, and business.

The main talks for the day were held by Karin Olofsdotter, Sweden’s Ambassador to Hungary; Dr. István Klinghammer, Minister of State for Higher Education; and László Turóczy, Deputy Minister of State for Competitiveness at the Ministry for National Economy. Also on the panel with them was Niklas Börjesson, COO of Sigma Technology.

As well as talks the public figures, there were two discussion forums. The first discussion forum was about the cooperation between academia and the private sector, chaired by Dr. László Vajta, Dean of Electrical Engineering and Informatics at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. The second discussion forum was about the role of education in innovation, particularly from a European standpoint, chaired by Professor Anders Flodström, Director of Education at EIT ICT Labs. Niklas Malmros, Global Operations Manager at Sigma Technology, was a panel member on both discussion forums.

The Swedish and Hungarian experts agreed that supporting the knowledge transfer among the members of the knowledge triangle was a priority in both countries as it had been laid down in the innovation strategies of both Hungary and Sweden.

Sigma Technology is extremely happy with how much we can share and learn at the Swedish-Hungarian Innovation Days, and look forward to the next one. Look out for more information soon.